Collaborate and conquer

We are building a global ecosystem giving founders and early stage startups access to visionaries, mentors and a global talent pool, helping them flourish.

with us

Join esya’s network of partners from around the world to diversify your revenue and access wider opportunities.


Explore the potential that the booming demand for talent across the globe brings with it.
  • Access Global Talent
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Revenue Diversification


Unlock opportunities to work with young, fierce and hungry startups building groundbreaking new products.
  • Increase your deal flow
  • Diversify your talent pool
  • Co-create and co-invest


Help nurture and advise the business leaders of tomorrow with your wealth of experience.
  • Impart personal and professional guidance
  • Expand your network
  • Investment Opportunities

Why collaborate with esya?

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  • Access to the best startups shaping the world of tomorrow.
  • Insight into global talent markets and standards.
  • Diverse pipeline of clients and opportunities within a consolidated framework.
  • Competitive advantage gained at the forefront of global innovation.
  • Opportunities to invest into new markets.

Let’s create the new.