Your high-growth
legal partner

How we practice

Like entrepreneurs need us to; with an expertise in law matched by a robust commercial acumen. We get every venture’s legal strategy in place and ensure that we have things covered, from fortifying business assets to resolving disputes.


Your business outcomes are our top priority.


We offer the right advice at every stage of your growth.


Access an in-house legal team that works alongside your business.

Our legal

Fully Integrated

With on retainer, our legal experts will be an integral part of your operational team. We’ll be involved in the nitty-gritties of your business to manage legal and compliance from the inside-out.

Proactive identification and resolution of pitfalls that arise in the course of daily operations across the business.
Collaboration to ensure organized legal deployment, for actual and anticipated business needs.
Management of a legal budget, and prioritization of work for a high-growth company​.

Our legal


By engaging either on an hourly basis or for fixed projects, our legal experts give you the right advice and guidance in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Access to lawyers with vast expertise in each specific field, supplemented by abundant commercial and business knowledge.
Dedicated legal experts who become part of the project and see it through from beginning to end.
Efficiency in execution and a cost-effective method of getting the best legal strategy for your project.

The journey from formative years to well-established business is easier with us.


Your own in-house lawyer for daily business requirements.


Creation and actioning of sensible processes, including legal budgets for your growing business.


Ongoing management of operational, legal and other business risks.

Venture Build Community

Access to the dynamic global esya ecosystem, with seasoned entrepreneurs and multi-disciplinary experts from and


We work across a range of sectors, from FinTech to Blockchain, PropTech to E-Commerce, and so much more. If it involves digital and has a far-reaching impact, we’re in the game.

At our helm

Our top experts, overseeing a team of legal eagles



Jon is a commercial lawyer and specialist in corporate law, with a wealth of experience as both a transactional lawyer and in-house counsel. ​

He has worked at one of the biggest law firms in the world and since 2013 has supported over 70 SMEs - particularly start-ups and scale-ups - with legal, operational and general business advice.​

He is a co-founder and GC at esya and is involved in numerous ventures, helping them to validate, design, develop and execute ideas, while ensuring vigour and fairness in their journey.