Talent Building in Action

Case studies

Coadjute is set to change the property market, digitally connecting estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders, so they can transact with less friction, faster, more securely, and with greater transparency.

The Coadjute Network uses blockchain to connect users’ existing platforms via a digital backbone, making them seamlessly and securely interoperable, and giving the property market a whole new market infrastructure.


Following a series of successful pilots with property industry leaders, Coadjute raised funding to build the network inQ4 2020.   The business approach esya shortly after, with a requirement to scale and deliver quickly, at high quality, whilst maintaining the culture of the existing team.


Esya provided Coadjute with the top talent needed to scale such an innovative digital product, and do so with high quality, efficiently and securely.   Equally importantly, esya became a seamless extension of Coadjute’s existing team, embracing their culture of “Collaboration, Innovation &Trust”.


  • Immediate, highly skilled resources
  • Product backlog quickly worked through, enabling delivery against roadmap of innovative functionality
  • Global alignment of people with payroll, compliance and culture
  • Easy, flexible path to expand and scale quickly
  • Flexibility to transfer staff to in house as the business scaled

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